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Xbase Serial Port Toolkit Software Store

Serial communication component Xbase++ library for serial usb port comm

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Xbase++ by MarshallSoft Computing $105.00
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++

Serial port communications Xbase component

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Xbase++ Serial communication component Xbase++ library for serial port usb communications. Controls multiple ports simultaneously; is fully thread safe, port re-entrant. Includes 34 functions plus modem control, ANSI emulation, ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM protocols. Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Xbase++ Supports virtual ports (usb to serial, bluetooth serial); hardware/software flow control, line control. Works with all versions of Alaska Xbase++. Fully functional evaluation version.


Download (327.4 KB)

ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit by ActiveXperts Software $149.00
ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit

Serial Port Toolkit

ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit Serial port toolkit to enable applications or scripts to communicate with a modem or other serial port device. Features full com port control, binary and ASCII data transfer, support for RS 232 and RS 485 standards and ISDN modem support. ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit Can be used by ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET or VBScript. Samples for all platforms and development tools are provided.


Download (1 MB)

COM Port Toolkit by Michael Golikov $29.00
COM Port Toolkit

Serial port monitoring on Win9x/ME/2K/XP PCs

COM Port Toolkit COM Port Toolkit is an integrated serial communications testing toolkit. It sends user's data to and receives one from a device and records all transfers to a log. COM Port Toolkit You can test equipments serial communications protocol by hand: feed it input, check the output. COM Port Toolkit can capture serial communications between the device and the software by using special serial port driver.


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Virtual Serial Ports Driver by Virtual Serial Port Software $99.95
Virtual Serial Ports Driver

Emulates 2 serial ports linked to each other

Virtual Serial Ports Driver VSPD XP by Virtual Serial Port Software, department of Eltima, creates two virtually connected serial ports in your system. Windows and all applications will not detect any difference between real serial port and virtual one. Virtual Serial Ports Driver You may simply connect two applications via virtual serial port and exchange data. Unlike with real serial ports it is possible to assign any number to virtual ports. VSPD XP can be easily integrated into other software.


Download (1.7 MB)

Share Serial Ports by ELTIMA Software GmbH $111.95
Share Serial Ports

Share Serial Port between any applications

Share Serial Ports Share Serial Ports is an advanced utility for sharing real serial ports between multiple applications so that all applications will receive same data from real serial port simultaneously. Share Serial Ports It is achieved by creating virtual serial ports, exact copies of real ones. All virtual ports can send data to real serial port. You will be able to set port permissions to read, write or change control lines state for every application separately.


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