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iNetMail is a convenient web based solution for online e-mail management

iNetMail Demo by ConsultCommerce $399.00
iNetMail Demo

iNetMail is a web based mail client

iNetMail Demo iNetMail is a convenient web based solution for online e-mail management. It helps you check and organize any Internet mail account that uses POP3 services through your Web Browser. iNetMail Demo This is a perfect web tool for any ISP or regular internet user. Receive mail, send messages with attachments, delete unwanted mail directly from your browser - iNetMail is the tool to handle the task.


Download (1.4 MB)

Stealth Web Page Recorder by BlazingTools Software $0.00
Stealth Web Page Recorder

Invisibly records web mail and web pages

Stealth Web Page Recorder Stealth Web Page Recorder is a simple spy software utility for web page recording. This program will be useful if you want to record e-mail messages of any Web Mail service. Stealth Web Page Recorder Also it can record contents of password protected pages and web pages which use secure HTTPS connection. The new version also captures logins and passwords for the sites. It is absolutely undetectable after the installation.


Download (114.1 KB)

Stealth Web Page Recorder



Web Voice Mail by VIMAS Technologies $300.00
Stealth Web Page Recorder

Mp3 Web Voice Mail

Web Voice Mail Web voice mail allows to send voice messages from web sites to any existing e-mail client software, even to free web based e-mail like Hotmail and Yahoo. Web Voice Mail The recipient receives the usual e-mail message with link to Mp3 audio file. He/she can download Mp3 file and listen it by any existing Mp3 playback program.


Download (237.1 KB)

Ocean Mail Server by Code Ocean $80.00
Ocean Mail Server


Ocean Mail Server Ocean Mail Server is a robust and intuitive mail server. Users can access their mail using POP3, IMAP4 or the flexible web mail interface from any web browser which also provides an extensive set of individual account options. Ocean Mail Server A full web remote administration interface is available to allow the server to be managed from any location. Strong mail filtering can be achieved using the built in anti-spam, antivirus and content filtering facilities.


Download (4.6 MB)

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