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Create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder

Outlook Task by AKS-Labs $40.00 - Order
Outlook Task

Get a set of tasks from Outlook task folder

Outlook Task With Outlook Task program you can create the set of tasks you need - you can list tasks related to some project, category, person, due date or even to a keyword. Outlook Task Using a wide variety of parameters, it's easy to obtain a summary of tasks for today or this week. Outlook Task is a great way to manage large numbers of tasks in the Task folder by having a list of the most relevant tasks readily available.


Download (1.1 MB) | Purchase ($40.00)

HiBase Task Scheduler by HiBase Group $29.95 - Order
HiBase Task Scheduler

HiBase Task Scheduler is all about scheduling

HiBase Task Scheduler HiBase Task Scheduler is all about planning and scheduling. The completely reasonable striving for the automation and scheduling of everything with this software can be realized the most natural way. HiBase Task Scheduler HiBase Task Scheduler provides you with several modes of scheduling. You can combine times of a day and number of executions per day, days of month/week, calendar dates. Tasks are organized in tree form.


Download (649.8 KB) | Purchase ($29.95)

Task Actions by Fairdell Software $29.95
Task Actions

Task Actions is a multiuser task manager

Task Actions Task Actions is a full-featured network multiuser system for managing projects and tasks. The system has a built-in system for notifying users about changes applied to task parameters, such as description changes, deadline changes, new messages, etc. Task Actions ) Task Actions will timely notify its users about a new task and about the coming deadline for a task. For more information go to web-site www.taskactions.com.


Download (1.8 MB)

Taskulon5000 by Bloated Cow Software $6.95

Powerful task management for Windows XP

Taskulon5000 Taskulon5000 is a simple and powerful task management program for Windows XP. From the beginning it has been designed to be easy enough for personal use yet powerful enough to help entire projects stay on track. Taskulon5000 Includes: Tasks and Sub Tasks, Drag and Drop, Complete a task, Time a task, Notify when a task is due, Task networking between several different people, Automatic Updates, and much much more.


Download (469.7 KB)

Alive Task Manager by Vitolab Software $24.95 - Order
Alive Task Manager

Genuine electronic task scheduler

Alive Task Manager Alive Task Manager is a genuine electronic task scheduler, which can be used to create new tasks, prepare a personal time-table, remind about particular events, create repeated tasks, etc. Alive Task Manager Alive Task Manager supports a tree-type structure of the task list, different display layouts, and an efficient means of search, printout, export/import and synchronization of data, etc.


Download (3.2 MB) | Purchase ($24.95)

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