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Genuine electronic task scheduler. Efficient and handy

Alive Task Manager by Vitolab Software $24.95 - Order
Alive Task Manager

Genuine electronic task scheduler

Alive Task Manager Alive Task Manager is a genuine electronic task scheduler, which can be used to create new tasks, prepare a personal time-table, remind about particular events, create repeated tasks, etc. Alive Task Manager Alive Task Manager supports a tree-type structure of the task list, different display layouts, and an efficient means of search, printout, export/import and synchronization of data, etc.


Download (3.2 MB) | Purchase ($24.95)

beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables by Edelwise, Inc. $39.95
beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables

High-Speed Inter-Task Communication with VB

beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables This product goes beyond simple VB inter-task communication. It allows huge amounts of data being interchanged between VB applications in near real-time. beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables A VB sample program shipped with the product demonstrates these features.


Download (3.5 MB)

AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler by Cypress Technologies $59.95
AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler

Task scheduler / event scheduling oftware

AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler AutoTask 2000 is a task scheduler designed specifically for Windows. AutoTask is an extremely versatile event scheduling software that can be ran as a service or as a desktop application in the background. AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler AutoTask has very flexible scheduling and conditional triggers for running various task. It has also the ability to run multiple commands per task, much like mini scripts or macros.


Download (3.6 MB)

TaskPrompt by Skynergy $0.00

Complete all your daily tasks on time

TaskPrompt Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time. You can add tasks and prioritize or categorize them. TaskPrompt Set the task's occurrence to Immediate, Todo, Minutes, Hourly, Hours, Daily, Days, Weekly, Weeks, Monthly, Months, Day of Month, Yearly, Years or Scheduled according to when the task should re-occur.


Download (915.2 KB)

FlashTask by JungleMetal Computing Inc. $19.95

FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility

FlashTask FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility.The FlashTask v2.0 included two modules, they are Flash Launcher and Flash LANMessenger. Flash Launcher is a powerful shortcut manager which lets you save all kinds of programs, files, directories, websites and E-mails. FlashTask You may find them quickly and easily and open or launch them. Flash LANMessenger is a real-time communication program for LAN. It provides a quick way to send message on your LAN.


Download (2.9 MB)

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