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A System Tray IMAP Client Program written in Visual C# .Net (code included

Simple System Tray IMAP Client by Arundale $0.00

A System Tray IMAP Client Program with code

Simple System Tray IMAP Client This program includes a few interesting and useful technologies i.e. - A Simple System Tray IMAP Mail Client (not available so far) - System Tray Implementation in Visual C#. Simple System Tray IMAP Client Net This includes source code, so you could use it as it is or play around with the code to satisfy your requirements.


Download (37.3 KB)

Invisible Chat by Mentis Software $14.95
Invisible Chat

Invisible LAN communication software

Invisible Chat Invisible Chat is a user-friendly software for communication by LAN. You can make it "invisible" for prying eyes, when undesirable person is staying behind. Invisible Chat You can change transparency, form, color, font and many other parameters of software appearance. It does not have any sign of presence in your system, so none would be able to see it in Taskbar, System Tray or Task Manager.


Download (677 KB)

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