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Audio file format converter software for mp3, wav and 20 other file formats

Switch Audio Converter by NCH Swift Sound Software $0.00
Switch Audio Converter

Audio file format converter software

Switch Audio Converter Switch is a sound file converter for Windows. It can convert many different types of audio files into mp3 or wav format and more. Switch Audio Converter Switch Converter is very easy to use. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button.


Download (431 KB)

Print Switch by Microblast Software $12.95
Print Switch

Quickly change the default Printer

Print Switch The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax driver. Print Switch Print Switch for Windows works with most stand-alone fax software packages as well.


Download (1.7 MB)

Dynasoft TeleFactura by Dynasoft Ltd $1315.00
Dynasoft TeleFactura

Telephony, data, and telecom services billing

Dynasoft TeleFactura Dynasoft TeleFactura is the definitive voice and data billing solution for voice/data service providers such as telecom and callshop operators, service distributors, and any company needing a full-featured solution to effortlessly manage and control the access of their voice and data customers. Dynasoft TeleFactura Compatible with VoIP, data CDR’s, and Radius/AAA. We also offer hosted and outsourced service options to mitigate the cost of the investment.


Download (29.6 MB)

Protoport Proxy Chain by SoftCab Inc $34.95 - Order
Dynasoft TeleFactura

Advanced proxy switcher

Protoport Proxy Chain The software chains proxy servers into series allowing you to surf the Internet anonymously. Protoport Proxy Chain Protoport Proxy Chain is small and fast. You can verify proxy servers, check proxy servers, download proxy server list.


Download (85.9 KB) | Purchase ($34.95)

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