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Open, create, edit and save audio files by all sound editor xp

All Sound Editor XP by MP3DO, Inc. $19.95
All Sound Editor XP

Edit your all sound from sound card

All Sound Editor XP All Sound Editor is a visual audio files editor. All Sound Editor XP It can be used to build applications, that allow the end-user to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, examining the frequency components and other details about your audio with the help of Frequency Analysis, Statistics, and Spectral View features, format conversion, etc.


Download (5.4 MB)

MavenXP by Emersys $53.99

Fast, powerful & simple to use audio edit

MavenXP User-friendly, highly visual, fast and powerful audio editor. Even beginners can be productive in minutes. Record, edit, and mix sound across 8 tracks and save WAV or MP3 files in up to 16 bit 48 KHz audio, all in real time. MavenXP 7 built-in real time editable effects include: - Surround Panning - Reverberation - Volume Amp - Chorus - EQ - Pitch Shift - Amplitude Modulation Use DMO sound effects plugins to expand functionality.


Download (12 MB)

Fx-Audio-Editor by MP3TOWAV.ORG $49.95

Fx Audio Editor can visually edit, convert

Fx-Audio-Editor Fx Audio Editor can visually edit, convert. play and record most sound file formats, rip CD's and save as WAV, MP2, MP3, VOX, WMA and most other popular audio formats. Fx-Audio-Editor Add special sound effects and filters. Slow down those chipmunk voicemail files and save them so they can be played back with any standard audio player.


Download (14.1 MB)

Maven3D Professional by Emersys $399.99 - Order
Maven3D Professional

3D 5.1 channel audio editor with AC3 & AA

Maven3D Professional Maven3D Pro is a video referenced 3D audio editor where you can record, edit and mix up to 24-bit/96 KHz pro quality 5.1 Surround Sound. Effects include several true 3D sound effects and support for VST, DirectX, and DMO plugins. Maven3D Professional Video referenced SMPTE compliant audio editing gives perfect timing. ASIO 2.0 support reduces latency during playback and recording. Optional Dolby Digital AC3 and MPEG2 AAC codecs for broadcast, DVD or film.


Download (50.2 MB) | Purchase ($399.99)

Blaze Audio RipEditBurn by Blaze Audio $39.95
Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

Your complete and easy custom CD system

Blaze Audio RipEditBurn RipEditBurn is a totally integrated sound editor. It's the only music editing software and sound recorder you'll need for converting tapes and records to CD or conversion between sound files. Blaze Audio RipEditBurn It's a powerful Wave, MP3, WMA, and Real Audio editor and converter with fast processing speeds, analog ripping of copy protected CDs and Gracenote's CDDB2 for displaying artist, title and track. Converting your music has never been easier.


Download (4.5 MB)

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