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This is small but powerful SMTP relay

Protoport Sendmail Server by SoftCab Inc $34.95 - Order
Protoport Sendmail Server

Send email much more faster

Protoport Sendmail Server Powerful direct remailer software will deliver your email messages directly to recipient's mailbox. No internal queue is involved. No other SMTP servers are involved. Protoport Sendmail Server Suggested way to send emails is much more faster and more reliable. You can even use HTTP proxy server for sending emails. This is useful if you are behind corporate firewall, for example.


Download (79.5 KB) | Purchase ($34.95)

Mobile TCP by Klocktornet AB $0.00
Mobile TCP

Forwards connections depending on network

Mobile TCP Most used for forwarding SMTP connections from your mail program to the correct SMTP server, but you could forward any port type. Mobile TCP can also change your workgroup. Mobile TCP Everything depends on what network you are currently connected to. Mobile TCP operates from the tray There is no nag screens, unwanted requesters or irritating sounds. Settings are straight forward.


Download (1.1 MB)

Emailserver detector by chenziyi $49.00
Emailserver detector

search email addresse from email SMTP server

Emailserver detector Emailserver detector is a software designed to directly search email addresses from mail servers. It can verify all user names that you specified on the mail server. Using this software, you can get lots of email addresses from a special email server,For example :Hotmail. Emailserver detector com .It can also send message to valid email addresses while searching.It has Embeded in a SMTP server that quickly send mass email directly to recipients.


Download (727.3 KB)

TopMail by IIPwr.com $0.00

Send anonymous emails from any email address

TopMail TopMail is an email client that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. All you need is to be online, you don't need to have an email account. TopMail With TopMail you can instantly send out emails that appear to arrive from any email address or name you want. TopMail can also auto detect an SMTP server to send the emails thru making the 'send' process as simple as possible.


Download (290.1 KB)

IGetMail by Lockstep Systems Inc $79.00

Download POP3 email from remote servers

IGetMail IGetMail works with your Microsoft Exchange email server to download incoming POP3 email from multiple remote servers. It supports individual and group/domain accounts. IGetMail Uses dial-up networking and operates on a time/frequency schedule you define. Unlike competitors who charge per user account, IGetMail is licensed on a per-server basis for just $79 US.


Download (592.7 KB)

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