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Converts SHTML files to HTML files (expanding Server Side Includes

Client Side SSI by Extreme Code Software $21.00
1000 Cool Web Page Buttons

Converts SHTML files to HTML files

Client Side SSI SHTML files are HTML files with SSI (Server Side Includes). SSI allows to include a common fragment into several HTML files, etc. Using Client Side SSI, you can convert SHTML files to plain HTML files. Client Side SSI This can be used both for testing SHTML files (before placing them to a web-server) and for developing plain HTML files (avoiding duplicate HTML fragments, etc.). Also it can be used for converting an SSI-web-site to non-SSI-web-site.


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HTML Password Encryption by Source Code Protection Ltd. $39.95
HTML Password Encryption

Password protect HTML, encrypt html web pages

HTML Password Encryption HTML password protection, encrypt HTML files with 448 bit keys. Hide html source code. Image protection - protect web images. Encryption algorithm used is much stronger than the 128 bit cipher used in todays browsers and considered secure enough for online credit card payments. HTML Password Encryption Option to enter the password only once for all protected files. for more information visit http://www.htmlguardian.org.


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