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Bypass firewall, tunnel connections through HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers

Proxifier by Initex Software $39.95

Bypass firewall, tunnel connections, hide IP

Proxifier Proxifier is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server or a chain of proxy servers. Proxifier With Proxifier you can work with any Internet clients from network that is separated from Internet by a firewall (only one open port is required). Besides, Proxifier will help secure your privacy, send and receive email through a proxy server or a chain of proxies.


Download (685.2 KB)

Protoport Proxy Chain by SoftCab Inc $34.95 - Order

Advanced proxy switcher

Protoport Proxy Chain The software chains proxy servers into series allowing you to surf the Internet anonymously. Protoport Proxy Chain Protoport Proxy Chain is small and fast. You can verify proxy servers, check proxy servers, download proxy server list.


Download (85.9 KB) | Purchase ($34.95)

Apache Commander by Zecos Software $35.00 - Order
Apache Commander

Program for administering Apache web servers

Apache Commander Apache Commander is a software complex for administering and configuring Apache web servers. Using this complex makes it easy to administer and configure them, view their error log files and control both local and remote Apache servers working on different platforms. Apache Commander It does not matter what Apache servers you are using – local or remote, working on MS Windows, Unix (Linux, FreeBSD) or Novell NetWare.


Download (1.3 MB) | Purchase ($35.00)

Enterprise Mail Server by Emailarms $95.00
Enterprise Mail Server

High-performance SMTP POP3 server program

Enterprise Mail Server This is a high-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and Internet Service Providers. It has a lot of security features and options that allow you to protect the server from DDoS attacks as well as safely block SPAM and spammer. Enterprise Mail Server As a personal solution, it is ideal for laptop PC users who travel a lot and have to use different ISP on the run. Using the program, you will never encounter a sending problem.


Download (1.7 MB)

A1Monitor Network Monitor TCP or Web by A1Tech, Inc. $89.00
A1Monitor Network Monitor TCP or Web

Monitor web servers and TCP servers

A1Monitor Network Monitor TCP or Web Monitor multiple web or TCP servers (http, https, ftp, pop3 etc.) Receive email notification by email or pager if any can't server can't be reached a number of times in a row. A1Monitor Network Monitor TCP or Web A1Monitor can reboot your NT server or run a batch file or program for you.


Download (3 MB)

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