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Real Time Task Communication Software Store

Makes task to task communication between VB programs simple

beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables by Edelwise, Inc. $0.00
beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables

Visual Basic inter process communication

beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables Task to task communication with VB programs made simple. This product allows you to have as many VB programs as you want communicate simply via variables. Communication is done via shared memory and is very fast. beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables As soon as a beWise variable (Basic Edelwise Variable) is created by one VB program ALL VB programs on this computer SHARE that variable. VB programs can use any number of beWise Variables limited only by the product version you have.


Download (2 MB)

Real Time Cleaner by Amplusnet $9.95
Real Time Cleaner

Internet Explorer Cleaner

Real Time Cleaner Real Time Cleaner


Download (403.3 KB)

beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables by Edelwise, Inc. $39.95
beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables

High-Speed Inter-Task Communication with VB

beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables This product goes beyond simple VB inter-task communication. It allows huge amounts of data being interchanged between VB applications in near real-time. beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables A VB sample program shipped with the product demonstrates these features.


Download (3.5 MB)

Real-Time Quotes Downloader by Trading-Tools.com $59.95
Real-Time Quotes Downloader

Provides streaming real-time quotes

Real-Time Quotes Downloader Real Time Quotes Downloader downloads real-time quotes (US, German, Swiss and more stocks) from various Internet sites. The quotes can be stored in MetaStockô, SierraChart format, Excel or in form of ASCII files. Real-Time Quotes Downloader The charts of MetaStockô or SierraChart will be refreshed automatically. The real-time quotes can also be accessed via DDE. This makes it very simple to store the quotes e.g. in Excel sheets and make analysis tasks there.


Download (1.6 MB)

FlashTask by JungleMetal Computing Inc. $19.95

FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility

FlashTask FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility.The FlashTask v2.0 included two modules, they are Flash Launcher and Flash LANMessenger. Flash Launcher is a powerful shortcut manager which lets you save all kinds of programs, files, directories, websites and E-mails. FlashTask You may find them quickly and easily and open or launch them. Flash LANMessenger is a real-time communication program for LAN. It provides a quick way to send message on your LAN.


Download (2.9 MB)

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