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eDoc-to-Fax driver creates virus-free fax files and automates email distribution

PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax by PEERNET Inc. $35.95
Audio Editor / Sound Recorder

eDoc-to-Fax creates virus-free fax files

PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax driver is ideal for document imaging and electronic document delivery, and is especially useful for virus-free email distribution. PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax This product converts Microsoft® Windows documents into high-quality serialized or multi-page fax image files. (Trial key required.


Download (7.6 MB)

Audio Editor / Sound Recorder

Create PDF documents with ePDF driver

PEERNET.DRV ePDF The PEERNET.DRV ePDF driver allows you to create Adobe® Portable Document Format documents. If you can print it, you can quickly and easily convert it into a PDF document ideal for archiving, email distribution, or posting to the web. PEERNET.DRV ePDF (Trial key required.


Download (4.3 MB)

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PEERNET eBMP creates virus-free BMP files

PEERNET.DRV eBMP PEERNET.DRV eBMP driver converts Microsoft® Windows® documents into virus-free serialized BMP images. This product can also be integrated with your email client, so that once you have created the BMP files, printing automatically launches email, then attaches and sends all output files. PEERNET.DRV eBMP PEERNET.DRV eBMP 5.0 is ideal for programming, document imaging, and electronic document delivery. (Trial key required.


Download (7.4 MB)

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