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Powerful, versatile and feature-rich password manager

Password Director by LastBit Software $29.00 - Order
Password Director

Powerful and versatile password manager

Password Director Password Director is a versatile password manager. Password Director You do not have to remember dozens of passwords anymore! Key features: High reliability; Publish Password Database and access it over the Internet or WAP; Automatic and manual password capture; Remember password function; Password analyzer; Smart password generator; Read/write system passwords: such as stored email passwords, auto-complete data, logins and more; Import and export information.


Download (1.3 MB) | Purchase ($29.00)

ViPNet Password Roulette by INFOTECS GmbH $0.00
ViPNet Password Roulette

Free password generator tool (Multilanguage

ViPNet Password Roulette To help persons, who are in charge of the password management, INFOTECS released an absolutely free of charge software password generator, which generates random passwords so that they can be memorized easily. ViPNet Password Roulette The innovation of this software is simple and genius. The passwords are derived from word phrases easy to remember. Often these phrases have a humorous touch facilitating the process of memorizing.


Download (2.6 MB)

Advanced Password Manager by Rayslab Inc. $24.95 - Order
Advanced Password Manager

Handy password manager with powerful features

Advanced Password Manager Are fed up with forgetting your passwords and getting "Your login or password is incorrect" messages? Then it's time you get Advanced Password Manager. This password manager lets you enter all your passwords in one place, assign a login and password for a specific URL and use program's autofill feature later. Advanced Password Manager The program uses US Government approved encryption standard. Get it now at http://www.rayslab.com/password_manager/password_manager.html.


Download (1 MB) | Purchase ($24.95)

iNeeda Password & Tracker by MSJsoftware $14.99
iNeeda Password & Tracker

Secure Password Tracker and Generator program

iNeeda Password & Tracker A full featured easy to use Password Tracker and Generator with unlimited Category support, Copy / Paste, Goto Website, Password Generator with Strength Indicator, Encrypted Backup & more. iNeeda Password & Tracker Main features: - Easy to use Interface - Unlimited Category Support - Sort by Field - Copy User ID - Copy Password - Hidden passwords with secure reveal feature - Goto Website feature - Password Generator - Password Strength Indicator.


Download (5 MB)

iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro by MSJsoftware $19.99
iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro

Secure Password Tracker and Generator program

iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro


Download (5.2 MB)

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