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Outlook Express mail, news, contacts and Internet Explorer settings backup

BackRex Outlook Express Backup by BackRex Software $29.95
BackRex Outlook Express Backup

Outlook Express & Internet Explorer backu

BackRex Outlook Express Backup BackRex Outlook Express Backup allows you to save Outlook Express mail and news folders, address book, message rules, blocked senders list, signatures, and custom preferences. BackRex Outlook Express Backup In addition saves all Internet Explorer custom settings, including favorites and history. BackRex can help you to migrate settings and Outlook Express data from one computer to another, even with different versions of Windows and/or Outlook Express.


Download (648.6 KB)

Easy Outlook Express Repair by TILY LIMITED $27.00
Easy Outlook Express Repair

Outlook Express Repair utility

Easy Outlook Express Repair Easy Outlook Express Repair is a utility for restoring damaged folders in Outlook Express. You will recovery your lost Outlook Express messages just in 2 steps. This tool help to fix the corrupt dbx files and to make Outlook Express recovery. Easy Outlook Express Repair Easy Outlook Express to extract messages from the damaged folders and save them to the disk. To recover messages from a damaged folder not require any special skills.


Download (786.5 KB)

OutlookReminder by Outlookreminder.com $0.00
Easy Outlook Express Repair

Appointment reminder by phone, Outlook addin

OutlookReminder Automatic appointment reminder by phone from Microsoft Outlook. A FREE Outlook addin that takes advantage the telephony capabilities of Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway software from Voicent Communications. OutlookReminder Free version available. Easy to use and fully integrated with Outlook. Appointment reminders, containing subject, location, start time, and notes, are read by computer using text to speech technology. Ideal for mobile professionals.


Download (32.2 KB)

noHTML for Outlook Express by BAxBEx Software $19.95
noHTML for Outlook Express

Disable HTML within Outlook Express

noHTML for Outlook Express noHTML for Outlook Express is an add-on that protects Outlook Express from email viruses and email scripts such as Klez and Co. By converting incoming email messages from HTML format to simple text, the program lets you read your emails more quickly, and eliminates the danger posed by most email-borne attacks. noHTML for Outlook Express It adds a button onto the Outlook Express toolbar, and with a single click you can enable or disable HTML in your incoming email.


Download (538.6 KB)

Accurate Spam For Outlook Express by Accurate Solutions $0.00
Accurate Spam For Outlook Express

filter spam email in outlook express

Accurate Spam For Outlook Express Accurate Spam Filter For Outlook Express filters spam from your outlook express. It is designed to quickly remove spam from your inbox in Microsoft Outlook Express. Accurate Spam For Outlook Express The software helps you monitor, block spam when necessary. it's automatically filtered for all user when several users report same spam email. It is a excellent Outlook Express Mail utility for its simplicity and advanced abilities.


Download (1022.2 KB)

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