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Appointment reminder by phone, Free Microsoft Outlook addin, Voicent Gateway app

OutlookReminder by Outlookreminder.com $0.00
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Appointment reminder by phone, Outlook addin

OutlookReminder Automatic appointment reminder by phone from Microsoft Outlook. A FREE Outlook addin that takes advantage the telephony capabilities of Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway software from Voicent Communications. OutlookReminder Free version available. Easy to use and fully integrated with Outlook. Appointment reminders, containing subject, location, start time, and notes, are read by computer using text to speech technology. Ideal for mobile professionals.


Download (32.2 KB)

EurekaWare by EurekaWare $39.95

Microsoft Outlook AddIn for Realtors

EurekaWare Microsoft Outlook becomes contact management software for real estate agents. Ideal for realtors who need easy to use real estate contact management and marketing tools. EurekaWare Eurekaware installs as an AddIn into Microsoft Outlook and work seemlessly with Outlook allowing you to manage your real estate business without changing your email program.


Download (3 MB)

Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook by SriMax Software Technology $49.00
Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook

Update Outlook Contacts Automatically

Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook Update MS Outlook Contacts Automatically without manual typing,and in 3 steps, saving great deal of time and manual effort. Users can extract emails from Internet Explorer (IE) webpages and add to Outlook Contacts, Extract emails from Outlook mails, Scan bounced emails and remove invalid Contacts, Remove duplice Contacts,Import Mass emails, Backup Contacts. Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook Contacts Clinic is 100% Risk Free,because it involves no 3rd Party data handliing.


Download (3.5 MB)

FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook by FAB IT Solutions Ltd $19.95
FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook

Text Messaging Directly from MS Outlook

FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook Keep in touch with customers, staff or colleagues with this FAB unified messaging solution. Send text messages (SMS) to almost any wireless device directly from your desktop PC via Microsoft's premier messaging client; Outlook 2000/2002. FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook Use existing address books, contacts and distribution lists from Outlook and Exchange. Simultaneously broadcast SMS messages to multiple recipients. Send business cards (vCard) and (vCalendar) to associates.


Download (4 MB)

TaskAddIn by pavic-net $0.00

Manage your Outlook-tasks with TaskAddIn

TaskAddIn If you are using Outlook as groupware solution in your office, then you are probably using also Outlook to manage your Tasks. Outlook allows you to itemize your workload, to create a task (or ToDo) list. TaskAddIn Listing tasks is a good way to remember them, but it is almost impossible to create the right reports and to win an overview about your tasks. All this missing reporting features are part of our Outlook Addon "TaskAddIn".


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