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SightMax by SmartMax Software, Inc. $299.00

Live Chat Help & Monitoring for your webs

SightMax SightMax is a live chat software program providing live website monitoring, live help and live support to visitors for sales and customer service. SightMax has a host of exciting built-in features, these include: Instant Messaging between operators, Operator Chat Transfer, Multiple Chat Queues (ex. SightMax Sales and Support), Chat Conferencing and Operator 'Coaching', Operator Initiated Chat, Secure Chats, Canned Responses, Co-Browse and more.


Download (35.1 MB)

Merak Mail Server Suite by IceWarp Ltd. $269.00
Merak Mail Server Suite

Multiple awards winner mail server

Merak Mail Server Suite Multiple awards winner mail server with ultimate features, complete security and guaranteed stability. Merak Mail Server Suite Provides a wide range of optional components and services including secured mail services, user-friendly Web-Mail, Anti-Spam with updates (SpamAssassin,SPF,SURBL,ChallengeResponse,DomainKeys,Greylisting), Anti-Virus, Instant Messaging (based on the Jabber XMPP protocol), GroupWare, FTP, ODBC and load balancing, monitoring and report facilities.


Download (25 MB)

ICQ 5.04 by ICQ $0.00
ICQ 5.04

ICQ Lite

ICQ 5.04 ICQ Lite has all the essential features of the full version of ICQ. You can message people, exchange files, send SMS messages, do voice chat, and meet people. It also includes multilingual support, the ability to save your chat histories, and a typing indicator that shows when a contact is typing you a message. ICQ 5.04 In addition to familiar features such as chat, SMS messaging, and file-transfer capabilities.


Download (4 MB)

TurboNote by SPIS Ltd $0.00

sticky note post it PIM downloadable software

TurboNote TurboNote sticky note software offers a handy PIM organizer and instant messaging to boost business productivity, saving you time and money. This popular downloadable Windows freeware is simple to install, easy to use and highly reliable, making it a powerful, inexpensive way to keep organized. TurboNote Support included for networks, dual-monitor systems and screen resizing. Shareware version includes multi-licenses and full affiliate program.


Download (542.5 KB)

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