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Cyber cafe software, Internet cafe, hotspot billing software - MyCafeCup.com

MyCafeCup Platinum by MyCafeCup Software $0.00
MyCafeCup Platinum

Cybercafe, Internet cafe software mycafecup

MyCafeCup Platinum Cybercafe - Internet cafe software - Wi-Fi HotSpot Billing - MyCafeCup is a software for real-time operating Internet Cafe, CyberCafe, Game Center, Gaming Cafe and PC rental shop. MyCafeCup Platinum It offers secure access to client computers and grants access to individuals by creating user code/password accounts that can be charged per use (prepaid/postpaid.


Download (8.7 MB)

Timer Cafe Lan House Manager by F.A.D. Softwares $30.00
Timer Cafe Lan House Manager

Timer cafe - Cyber Cafe Management Software

Timer Cafe Lan House Manager Professional Internet cafe software / cyber cafe software for management and billing of cybercafes. Timer cafe cybercafe billing software is a complete tool for managing your Lan House, Internet Cafe or gaming cafe / game center. Timer Cafe Lan House Manager Timer cafe helps you handle customer billing, security issues, financial and statistical reports, computer utilities and much more.


Download (13.8 MB)

eCafePro by eSoft Multimedia Solutions $199.00

Management and Billing system for Cyber Cafe

eCafePro eCafePro Platinum is a billing system and management solution for your internet cafe. You can manage your client PCs through your server. It can reboot, shut down, transfer, adjust volume, message, snap shot, log on and logout all Client PCs with one easy click. eCafePro Features include sales report, staff working salary report, stock report, multiple users, multiple time rate, multiple member rate, discount rate, cafeteria setup, and more.


Download (4.4 MB)

Computer Rental Controller by Leithauser Research $30.00
Computer Rental Controller

Internet Café or computer kiosk software

Computer Rental Controller Rent or sell time on your computer for Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Offers two methods:1) Generate a list of passwords you can sell. Each password allows access to the computer once for a period of time set by you. Computer Rental Controller 2) Create a list of permanent passwords. Each can be used unlimited times. When a person uses their password, it records how long they use the computer, so you can bill them.


Download (509.5 KB)

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Computer Rental Controller



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