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Share Outlook calendar, contacts, and more without the expense of MS Exchange

GroupWare by Alt-N Technologies, Ltd. $130.00

Share Outlook calendar, contacts and more

GroupWare MDaemon GroupWare unlocks the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook using MDaemon as the mail server platform. GroupWare Outlook users can share Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal folders without the expense or expertise required by Microsoft Exchange Server.


Download (1.9 MB)

TeamIntegrator by Helicon Soft Ltd. $190.00

Groupware with mobile access

TeamIntegrator TeamIntegrator (TI) is a web-based groupware and project management tool for joint project activities, collaboration and communication. TI is the best solution for companies with mobile employees. TeamIntegrator Advantages: - Web and mobile access: support of web-client (Internet Explorer) and all mobile devices (mobile phone, BlackBerry, PDA) - Security - Communication: offline, online - SMS-notifications - Reporting, Statistics.


Download (1.1 MB)

MDaemon by Alt-N Technologies, Ltd. $110.00

Powerful and secure POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/HTTP mail

MDaemon MDaemon , Windows-based email server software, contains full mail server functionality and control with a strong emphasis on security to protect your email communication needs. MDaemon Features include top-notch antispam security features such as Greylisting, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), DomainKeys (DK), SPF; seamless integration with AntiVirus plug-in; built-in groupware functionalities; secure instant messaging; free webmail client; and more.


Download (26.9 MB)

Merak Mail Server Suite by IceWarp Ltd. $269.00
Merak Mail Server Suite

Multiple awards winner mail server

Merak Mail Server Suite Multiple awards winner mail server with ultimate features, complete security and guaranteed stability. Merak Mail Server Suite Provides a wide range of optional components and services including secured mail services, user-friendly Web-Mail, Anti-Spam with updates (SpamAssassin,SPF,SURBL,ChallengeResponse,DomainKeys,Greylisting), Anti-Virus, Instant Messaging (based on the Jabber XMPP protocol), GroupWare, FTP, ODBC and load balancing, monitoring and report facilities.


Download (25 MB)

Merak Mail Server Suite


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