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Create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system

VSPD Mobile Phone Edition by ELTIMA Software GmbH $49.95
VSPD Mobile Phone Edition

VSPD Mobile emulates COM-ports

VSPD Mobile Phone Edition Virtual Serial Ports Driver Mobile can create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system, resulting in 10 virtual serial port pairs available for integration. 2 ports in a pair are connected via a virtual null-modem and emulate real serial ports. VSPD Mobile Phone Edition Virtual serial ports pair can be used to transfer files, other data as if there are additional real serial ports in your smartphone. The solution can be used for GPS simulation software.


Download (116 KB)

Serial Splitter Mobile by ELTIMA Software GmbH $49.95
Serial Splitter Mobile

Split real serial ports on mobile devices

Serial Splitter Mobile Serial Splitter Mobile by Eltima for Windows Mobile 2003/2005 is useful if you need several applications to work with the same serial port on your mobile device simultaneously. Serial Splitter Mobile Finally, one program works with one virtual port, the other one with another port and so on, but in fact all of them work with the same split real port. It enables data exchange between applications, which can be used in GPS simulation systems.


Download (146.9 KB)

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