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Receive the buyer's credit card information from within your applications

Purchase Gateway by Gateway Software Productions $40.00
Purchase Gateway

Let your software sell itself. ActiveX

Purchase Gateway Use this ActiveX control to process credit card payments from within your applications. The control can then integrate with your existing registration method to enable or unlock demos or pay-per-use software. Purchase Gateway The control uses 128-bit encryption to secure the buyer's information. You can use your existing merchant account(s) to process the payment which will have more favorable transaction fees, or have us offer full merchant services to you.


Download (4.7 MB)

EmailToPhone by emailtophone.com $0.00

Email access and auto alert by any telephone

EmailToPhone EmailToPhone is a free software for accessing email by any telephone and for sending phone alert when important email arrives. It is based on Voicent Gateway from Voicent Communications. EmailToPhone Email message is read over the phone using text to speech technology. When the address (from/to) of a new email matches the ones you specified, an alert phone call is made automatically. The alert feature requires non-shareware version of the Gateway.


Download (265.6 KB)

Twilight Utilities Phone Server by Twilight Utilities $34.95 - Order
Twilight Utilities Phone Server

Internet phone software for home

Twilight Utilities Phone Server Internet phone server / gateway software for the home and small business. A true software voip solution without expensive hardware. Take your old voice modem and give it new life. Twilight Utilities Phone Server Our innovative software gives you full remote control of your telephone. With virtual extensions you can serve upto 9000 friends using as many phone lines as your PC can handle. Full voice mail services both by phone and internet are included.


Download (2.7 MB) | Purchase ($34.95)

Twilight Utilities Phone Server


Twilight Utilities Phone and Web Server by Twilight Utilities $39.95 - Order
Twilight Utilities Phone and Web Server

Control your telephone from the Internet

Twilight Utilities Phone and Web Server This unique collection of utilities provides unprecedented connectivity. A phone server / gateway to let you control your telephone from the Internet. A web server which is web cam aware ensures you are never left without access to client software as well as providing access to your web cam. Twilight Utilities Phone and Web Server If that's not enough, a utility is included to constantly monitor your homes internet address and if it changes you are instantly notified by email.


Download (2.9 MB) | Purchase ($39.95)

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