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Building video files, photo albums and screensavers with your pictures and music

Photo Slideshow Builder by Pictures Software, Inc $29.90 - Order
Photo Slideshow Builder

Creating slideshow executable and video files

Photo Slideshow Builder Photo Slideshow Builder allows you to create video files for DVD video player, standalone executable files and screensavers using your own photos and then burn them on CD and DVD discs. Photo Slideshow Builder Built executable files do not require any special hardware, software nor any files for running. All of your pictures and music files are included in your single .EXE, .SCR or MPEG file. It allows you to turn simple photos into work of art. Try it for free.


Download (4.6 MB) | Purchase ($29.90)

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX by Blaze Audio $9.95
Blaze Audio VoiceSFX

Create your own sound effects and do fun thin

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX VoiceSFX is an innovative program designed to let you record sounds from your own voice, then apply special effects like Helium Breath, Slow Monster, Fade, and Echo to create crazy sound effects. Blaze Audio VoiceSFX You can also capture sound from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) and then distort it into something wildly weird and different. Save and easily export your creations to MP3 and send them to your friends or burn to CD.


Download (2.5 MB)

WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter by Sumanasa Technologies $19.00
WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter

WaveMaker - MP3 to WAV Converter for Windows

WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter is an easy-to-use audio software that lets you convert MP3 files into audio CD-recordable PCM wave (.WAV) digital audio files. WaveMaker also comes with some nifty features like fade-in and fade-out, normalize the volume on the WAV file to a desired level, and delete trailing and leading silence in a song. WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter These features will help you record songs that conform to your preferred way of listening to music.


Download (1 MB)

My Ringading by Acon Digital Media GmbH $19.90
My Ringading

Create ringtones that stand out in the crowd

My Ringading With My Ringading, you can create truly unique ringtones that stand out in the crowd. Simply put your favorite CD in the CD-drive, import a track, edit and transfer it to your cell phone using the WAP browser or Bluetooth, Infrared or cable connections. My Ringading Editing your ringtones is a breeze with My Ringading. You can easily crop the ringtone, add fades, adjust the volume and even apply amazing studio effects like echo, reverb or pitch shifting.


Download (6.2 MB)

Text To Mp3 by Research Lab Inc $19.00
Text To Mp3

Converts text to wav, mp3, mp3 to wav effects

Text To Mp3 Converts Text to Wave or MP3 and helps design a read out wave or MP3 book for you. Available in 11 major languages this tool helps solve a lot of your daily problems with electronic text. Text To Mp3 Using a mp3 player you may now listen to documents, read E-mails or web pages downloaded over the internet . Convert heavy CD literature or virtually any text in any of your subjects. You may even convert your voice to mp3.


Download (13.5 MB)

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