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extract Email addresses from local files(any type),web pages and send bulk email

Email catcher&sender by chenziyi $79.00
Email catcher&sender

extract email addresses and send bulk email

Email catcher&sender Email catcher&sender is a software designed to Extract email addresses from local files(any type),web sites , search engines and Newsgroups. Just type one or more keywords, Email catcher&sender will query search engines:Yahoo,Google,AllTheWeb,Aol,Msn,Looksmart,Dmoz etc and extract email addresses matching your query. Email catcher&sender It has embeded in SMTP server that quickly send mass email directly to recipients.No use your ISP'S SMTP server.


Download (1 MB)

eMail Extractor by MAX Programming LLC (Maxprog) $20.00 - Order
eMail Extractor

E-mail extracting tool for recovering address

eMail Extractor eMail extractor is a very powerful tool to recover your customers email addresses from your mailbox or contact files. eMail extractor is very fast, easy to use and multithread. eMail Extractor eMail extractor retrieves absolutely all valid email addresses from your files and generates an output file with only good and well formatted emails without duplicates.


Download (1.1 MB) | Purchase ($20.00)

Outlook Extractor by MazePath Software $18.00
Outlook Extractor

get all email address from Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Extractor Don't waste your valuable time! Extract all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Extractor Choose your folders, everything is easy and automatic!

Both From: and To: addresses are extracted, including multiple recipients, with NO DUPLICATES! You get a clean mailing list, saved in a simple text file which is perfect to import or even cut and paste into your favorite program, mailing list manager, word processor, or spreadsheet.


Download (1.8 MB)

HS-Crawler by HS-Media GmbH $20.00

Gather eMail Addresses from websites

HS-Crawler Email marketing is the ideal way to promote your business. HS-Crawler is a software designed to extract email addresses from web sites, search engines and Newsgroups. HS-Crawler You no longer have to buy mailing lists. HS-Crawler allows you to extract your own, when you want. The opportunity is, that you can take search engine results to only extract email addresses that fullfill your individual needs.


Download (657.3 KB)

Mailgun by CodersTeam $39.99

Email finder for search engines

Mailgun Mailgun is email marketing software that affords you to extract email addresses from results of leading search engines, and deliver your messages to these addresses.
Mailgun is doing searches on specified web sites, such as Google or Yahoo.
Mailgun As a result of searches it creates the database of URLs for further emails extracting. As soon as all searches are finished, just write your message in editor and tick necessary recipients.


Download (4.9 MB)

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