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The advanced search tool for targeted information

FastSeek by AllWeb Software $99.95

FastSeek is an advanced search tool

FastSeek FastSeek - the advanced search tool for targeted infomation, is designed to extract customized information (such as email addresses, phone/fax numbers, Zip codes etc. FastSeek ) from a batch of web sites or pages simultaneously.


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Email Address Collector by DS Development $29.95
Email Address Collector

email extractor for Outlook or local files

Email Address Collector Email Address Collector is an email extractor for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Win/MSN Messenger, Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts, DOC, PDF, mail EML files or for other local files. Email Address Collector It can also export them under the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, which can be easily handled through various programs. It can backup and restore your Outlook folders and identities and it can backup and restore your Outlook Express rules.


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EmailValidator by Dimplesoftware Solution $49.00
Email Address Collector

ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control

EmailValidator ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form! ASP. EmailValidator Net Email Address Validator Control is highly scalable email validator solution. Capable of handling large volumes of addresses and it can be easily integrated into your website to check addresses on-the-fly.


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Pivo Email Validator Component by Pivo Corporation $0.00
Email Address Collector

How to solve your email validation problems

Pivo Email Validator Component Having problems with the email addresses in your mailing list?Are you tired of getting bounce backs every time you perform a mailing? Email Validator will solve your email validation problems. Pivo Email Validator Component Email Validator is an assembly that requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run. It is used to validate email addresses at different levels. Email Validator does not have a GUI front end, it is a server component that can only be accessed programmatically.


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Atomic Outlook Email Extractor by AtomPark Software $34.85
Atomic Outlook Email Extractor

Outlook Email Extractor

Atomic Outlook Email Extractor The extension for Atomic E-mail Logger is an Outlook email address extractor. It also supports Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail and The Bat. It works very fast and easy. Just launch the program, open "File / Plugins / Mailbox Hunter" menu and a new small window will appear. Atomic Outlook Email Extractor It will show the names of all mail boxes of all email programs (Outlook, Outlook Express etc) installed on your machine. You choose some of them and click OK.


Download (1.5 MB)

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