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Excel Link adds data from your Access database into Excel

4TOPS Access to Excel Mail Merge XP/03 by 4TOPS $199.00
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Adds data from the Access database in Excel

4TOPS Access to Excel Mail Merge XP/03 Add-in for exporting data from Access in Excel. Mapping is done using fields, which are added automatically to the template and can be moved to the exact position you require. 4TOPS Access to Excel Mail Merge XP/03 Merges data from main and subform(s). Used where you want to use Excel Mail merge. Also: Automatic document processing: print/fax/e-mail, Creation of multiple documents in one go, supports pictures, charts and checkboxes etc.


Download (4 MB)

Task Manager for Excel by DJI Computer Solutions $10.00
Task Manager for Excel

Task List Management Software for Excel

Task Manager for Excel Task Manager for Excel is an application written for Microsoft Excel that simplifies task management by providing a prioritized to do list with built in scheduled reminders. Task Manager for Excel Its user-friendly, intuitive interface makes the program fast and easy to use. It is completely compatible with Excel 2000/XP and higher. It's ideal for keeping track of all your tasks and projects and will operate invisibly in the background.


Download (444.7 KB)

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