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Download POP3 email from multiple remote servers to a local SMTP email server

IGetMail by Lockstep Systems Inc $79.00

Download POP3 email from remote servers

IGetMail IGetMail works with your Microsoft Exchange email server to download incoming POP3 email from multiple remote servers. It supports individual and group/domain accounts. IGetMail Uses dial-up networking and operates on a time/frequency schedule you define. Unlike competitors who charge per user account, IGetMail is licensed on a per-server basis for just $79 US.


Download (592.7 KB)

RevilloC MailServer by RevilloC Solutions Ltd $0.00
RevilloC MailServer

Full featured POP3 + SMTP server with proxy

RevilloC MailServer Send and collect all the emails for your home or office network, whilst saving dial up time. The mail server now contains a web proxy server, so you can now view internet web pages from your networked machines. RevilloC MailServer The mailserver is designed to collect all your emails in one dial up connection. This will save your on-line time and telephone charges for not having each individual email client on your network collecting their own email.


Download (4.6 MB)

Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz by EmailSmartz Email List Spider Tarantula $59.95
RevilloC MailServer

Email Finder or Email Extractor List Software

Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz EmailSmartz Email Tarantula is an email finder or email extractor to create targeted business mailing lists for bulk email marketing. This email list software extracts e-mail addresses from websites in web directories for bulk email advertising. Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz The email spider can extract e-mail addresses to create bulk email lists and targeted consumer mailing lists. The email extractor can create targeted business email lists from web email servers.


Download (4.5 MB)

Email Validator by Byte Foundry $29.99
Email Validator

Email Validator validates email addresses

Email Validator Email Validator checks deliverability of email addresses. It does so by first performing a DNS query on the domain name of each email address in order to determine the address of the mail server servicing that domain. Email Validator Once the mail server is found, a connection is made in the same way as your ISP's mail server would make a connection. Email validator will then determine if each email address is valid and deliverable.


Download (1.1 MB)

Advanced Direct Remailer by Tweak Marketing Inc. $40.00
Advanced Direct Remailer

Powerful remailer with SMTP server, etc

Advanced Direct Remailer Powerful remailer which sends your message straight out to the recipient's mail server. ADR realizes multi-threaded direct delivery, and so works several times quicker than usual email client. Advanced Direct Remailer The program has its own internal SMTP server, and can be easily intergated into any email client. Open API for developers (plugins, COM/ActiveX interfaces, samples and sources). Support for mailing lists, databases, Socks5, more.


Download (1.3 MB)

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