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Search and extract Email addresses from Hard Disk, maillist, IE temporary files

Ada Email Extractor XP by Ada software $39.95
Ada Email Extractor XP

Search and extract Emails from Hard Disk

Ada Email Extractor XP Ada Email Extractor XP is an easy to use software for internet marketing. The program searches local hard disk to extract email addresses. Ada Email Extractor XP It can process the web pages you surfed from Internet Temporary Files, and what ever file types as you specify.


Download (1.4 MB)

Atomic CD Email Extractor by AtomPark Email Software $29.85
Atomic CD Email Extractor

A program to extract email addresses from CD

Atomic CD Email Extractor Atomic CD Email Extractor is a simple, yet powerful solution for extracting email addresses from your CDs and DVDs. You can specify which files and folders to search and which ones to skip. Atomic CD Email Extractor The email addresses found on the CD can be saved to the clipboard or you can specify a filename to save them to. It is also possible to transfer the addresses directly to Microsoft Word or Excel.


Download (850 KB)

Pivo Email Validator Component by Pivo Corporation $0.00
Atomic CD Email Extractor

How to solve your email validation problems

Pivo Email Validator Component Having problems with the email addresses in your mailing list?Are you tired of getting bounce backs every time you perform a mailing? Email Validator will solve your email validation problems. Pivo Email Validator Component Email Validator is an assembly that requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run. It is used to validate email addresses at different levels. Email Validator does not have a GUI front end, it is a server component that can only be accessed programmatically.


Download (232 KB)

Ada Email Search XP Golden Bundle by Ada software $89.95
Ada Email Search XP Golden Bundle

Search and extract email addresses

Ada Email Search XP Golden Bundle Ada Email Search XP Gold can search and extract email addresses both from Internet and local disk as you required. It is a perfect solution to establish your email address lists. Ada Email Search XP Golden Bundle It contains three powerful tools: AEAS, AEE and AEF. You can use them to get the cheapest and effective way to contact your target customers.


Download (1.5 MB)

ContentSmartz Email Parser by ContentSmartz Email Spider Software $89.95
ContentSmartz Email Parser

Email Parser to Build Consumer Mailiing Lists

ContentSmartz Email Parser Email Parser from ContentSmartz is an email finder, which searches for email addresses on a targeted keyword from the internet. You can build your own targeted consumer or business mailing lists with this email software. ContentSmartz Email Parser Download Email Parser free from ContentSmartz to build mailing lists for direct marketing and business promotional campaigns. 50% off in Promotional campaign.


Download (1.2 MB)

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