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Simply put, this software is the best audio editing/ recording on the net

RockNMP3_Editor by RocknMp3.com $0.00
ETI Camcorder Pro

Looking for the best value of Audio Editing

RockNMP3_Editor If you wanted to do a bunch of read'n about us bragging how great our audio software is - you've got the wrong URL mister! Simply put, this software is the best audio (WAV, MP3, OGG & CDA) editing/ recording software value on the iNet - no bull, just fact. RockNMP3_Editor We warrant no adware, spyware, or underware embedded. Developed / supported in the good ole U.S.A. See 4 yourself.


Download (14.7 MB)

Blaze Audio Wave Creator by Blaze Audio $19.95
Blaze Audio Wave Creator

A user-friendly Wave editor at its best

Blaze Audio Wave Creator Wave Creator is a complete audio editor and sound recorder with cut, copy and paste sound editing. Blaze Audio Wave Creator Record from any source your computer supports. Wave Creator is powerful music editing software! MP3 and Wave editing has never been easier.


Download (2.6 MB)

Blaze Audio RipEditBurn by Blaze Audio $39.95
Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

Your complete and easy custom CD system

Blaze Audio RipEditBurn RipEditBurn is a totally integrated sound editor. It's the only music editing software and sound recorder you'll need for converting tapes and records to CD or conversion between sound files. Blaze Audio RipEditBurn It's a powerful Wave, MP3, WMA, and Real Audio editor and converter with fast processing speeds, analog ripping of copy protected CDs and Gracenote's CDDB2 for displaying artist, title and track. Converting your music has never been easier.


Download (4.5 MB)

AVS Audio Editor by Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK $34.95
AVS Audio Editor

Professional audio editing made easy

AVS Audio Editor AVS Audio Editor is an advanced audio production tool which makes a worthy competition to the majority of digital audio editors. Trim, alter and mix audio files, apply a variety of effects, filters and loops, reduce noises. AVS Audio Editor Professional audio editing now available even to amateurs. AVS Audio Editor presents a perfect combination of attractive price and high-quality performance.


Download (10.6 MB)

Antechinus Audio Editor by C Point $29.95
Antechinus Audio Editor

Record, edit, enhance, convert and play audio

Antechinus Audio Editor Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Antechinus Audio Editor Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats, and you get to do amazing things with 29 effects, explained in detail.


Download (6.7 MB)

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