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Delivery Software Store

Remailer which sends your message straight out to the recipient's mail serv

Advanced Direct Remailer by Tweak Marketing Inc. $40.00
Advanced Direct Remailer

Powerful remailer with SMTP server, etc

Advanced Direct Remailer Powerful remailer which sends your message straight out to the recipient's mail server. ADR realizes multi-threaded direct delivery, and so works several times quicker than usual email client. Advanced Direct Remailer The program has its own internal SMTP server, and can be easily intergated into any email client. Open API for developers (plugins, COM/ActiveX interfaces, samples and sources). Support for mailing lists, databases, Socks5, more.


Download (1.3 MB)

Restaurology by Business Assistance, Inc. $199.99

Restaurology Restaurant Point Of Sale

Restaurology Suitable for Full Service or Fast Food Concepts. Restaurology Scanner / Keyboard Style Track Waiter Sales Print Orders to Kitchen Touch Screen Operation or Scanner or Keyboard Enhanced Reports Expanded Customer Info Cash Drawer Reconciliation Inventory Control Software Manpower Planning Automatic Tax Rates Automatic Discounts USA or UK Tax Method Sales Commission Multiple Restaurant Menus Track Tables and Tips.


Download (664.5 KB)

Venta4Net by Venta Association $199.00

The network fax and voice messaging software

Venta4Net The Venta4Net ™ software is a network fax and voice messaging solution that allows sending and receiving faxes and voice messages from any networked computer (client) via the modem (or modems) installed in the single computer (server). Venta4Net Connection between clients and the server is executed under the TCP/IP protocol. There are single line and multiline versions of servers. The evaluation version is available for testing and studying the program.


Download (4 MB)

MagicMessage by Textmagic Ltd $25.00

Send SMS text messages from PC to mobiles

MagicMessage MagicMessage for Windows lets you send and receive text messages from your PC. Key Benefits: Turns your computer into a mobile phone able to send and receive text messages. MagicMessage Type long text messages effortlessly from the comfort of your keyboard. Fast, reliable service with guaranteed delivery of your messages. Simple. The software is easy to use, and the message pricing is straightforward.


Download (2 MB)


PEERNET eBMP creates virus-free BMP files

PEERNET.DRV eBMP PEERNET.DRV eBMP driver converts Microsoft® Windows® documents into virus-free serialized BMP images. This product can also be integrated with your email client, so that once you have created the BMP files, printing automatically launches email, then attaches and sends all output files. PEERNET.DRV eBMP PEERNET.DRV eBMP 5.0 is ideal for programming, document imaging, and electronic document delivery. (Trial key required.


Download (7.4 MB)

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