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eDoc-to-Fax driver creates virus-free fax files and automates email distribution

PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax by PEERNET Inc. $35.95
EZ-Forms PRO Filler

eDoc-to-Fax creates virus-free fax files

PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax driver is ideal for document imaging and electronic document delivery, and is especially useful for virus-free email distribution. PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax This product converts Microsoft® Windows documents into high-quality serialized or multi-page fax image files. (Trial key required.


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Multi-Page TIFF Editor by KudrSoft $29.99
Multi-Page TIFF Editor

To create or edit multi-page DCXs or TIFFs

Multi-Page TIFF Editor Program to create or edit multi-page DCX or TIFF files. Editing includes: adding or removing pages, changing page order, inserting of new pages from scanner or from almost any graphic file format Plus, each page can be corrected using bitmap editor. Multi-Page TIFF Editor The DCX or TIFF files can be converted to PDF or EPS. Input formats: multi-page DCX and TIFF files. Output formats: multi-page DCX, TIFF, PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and EPS (PostScript) files.


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CC File Transfer by CC File Transfer $29.95
CC File Transfer

PC to PC file transfer software

CC File Transfer CC File Transfer is a web based file transfer software built for people that need transfer file pc to pc regularly. CC File Transfer It features in ease of use, speed, reliability, and security. CC File Transfer eliminates the hassles of FTP and limitations of Email.


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