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Software solution for monitoring serial port activity on Win32 PCs

COM Port Toolkit by Michael Golikov $29.00
COM Port Toolkit

Serial port monitoring on Win9x/ME/2K/XP PCs

COM Port Toolkit COM Port Toolkit is an integrated serial communications testing toolkit. It sends user's data to and receives one from a device and records all transfers to a log. COM Port Toolkit You can test equipments serial communications protocol by hand: feed it input, check the output. COM Port Toolkit can capture serial communications between the device and the software by using special serial port driver.


Download (1.1 MB)

PassCrypt by SeaMist Software LLC $29.95

Securely store passwords for quick access

PassCrypt PassCrypt is an enhanced password manager that gives quick and secure access to passwords while surfing. Features include military strength encryption, and automatic form capture and fill-in. PassCrypt Data can be organized by folder. Color coding shows you when a password has expired, and a built-in password generator can create new passwords when you need them. The report writer can print out all passwords or just expired passwords.


Download (1 MB)

Gobal Packet Monitor by Global Web Monitor $15.00
Gobal Packet Monitor

Network packet analyzer - packet sniffer

Gobal Packet Monitor Network packet analyzer - packet sniffer. Packet capture output is displayed in real time. Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP protocols. Gobal Packet Monitor Shows detailed packet header information. The TCP packet data can be viewed in text or ascii format. Free for Global Up Time website monitoring clients.


Download (740 KB)

SimpleTerm Gold - RS232 Monitor / RS232 Terminal by PTronix.com $55.00
SimpleTerm Gold - RS232 Monitor / RS232 Terminal

RS232 data analyser / scripter

SimpleTerm Gold - RS232 Monitor / RS232 Terminal SimpleTerm Gold is an advanced RS232 data analyser / visual scripter. View and send (all 256) ASCII/Binary data in an easy to read colour coded sequence. Features include: - Colour coded hex/ASCII view of RAW data. SimpleTerm Gold - RS232 Monitor / RS232 Terminal - COM1 to COM256. - Baud 110 to 230400. - Macros, Visual Scripting Feature. - Windows 9X/2000/XP. - - Capture to file, send from file. - Integrated note pad. - Signal monitoring using Virtual LEDs - Built in search.


Download (1.1 MB)

Serial Port Monitor by retiSoft, inc. $20.00
Serial Port Monitor

Captures & displays text/binary serial da

Serial Port Monitor Captures and displays time-tagged text and binary data across a PC serial port, from COM1 to COM12. Supports simultaneous capture to screen, with optional output to file and printer. Serial Port Monitor Display & file/printer capture in three modes: single character, line (terminated by LF or CR), or string (terminated by specified quiet time gap). NOTE: Does not share a COMM port with another Windows program, must tap off serial line externally.


Download (3.4 MB)

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