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Cti Server Software Store

CTI Client and Middleware - connects applications - databases - phone systems

CTI Data Connector by Mirage Computer Systems GmbH $55.00 - Order
CTI Data Connector

CTI integration in any application

CTI Data Connector You would like to dial directly from your application and see who is calling - even pop up the customer file? Your address information is stored in different databases (ERP, CRM, Marketing or MS-Outlook). CTI Data Connector The solution is CTI Data Connector. CDC connects your applications with CTI Servers and phone systems. For additional information see www.CTI-Data-Connector.com.


Download (12.2 MB) | Purchase ($55.00)

BulletProof Server by BulletProof Software, Ltd. $19.95
CTI Data Connector

Real time FTP monitoring & user managemen

BulletProof Server BPFTP Server is an FTP Server which has all RFC-959 features plus many other options, such as resuming upload / download, viewing server activity in real time, ban, kick, anti hammering, ratio, quota groups management, event manager, real time statistics generator, top 10 user, virtual directories, Chat and more. BulletProof Server BPFTP Server isideal for both individuals and companies small to large.


Download (1.2 MB)

Imaginary Web Server by Whiz Kid Technomagic $0.00
Imaginary Web Server

Protects Windows against outside intruders

Imaginary Web Server Every unprotected Windows computer connected to the Internet is in danger of being broken into by outside intruders who continuously scan the Internet for security holes. Many computers use a firewall to place a barrier in front of the scanner. Imaginary Web Server Unfortunately, firewalls can be bypassed by clever attackers. The Imaginary Web Server makes the attackers think they have found a web server that is no longer active, sending them away forever.


Download (28 KB)

InboxRULES for Exchange Server by ORNIC USA, LLC $79.95 - Order
InboxRULES for Exchange Server

Control and organize emails with InboxRULES

InboxRULES for Exchange Server InboxRULES can help you to save and print messages, extract data from messages immediatelly when message arrives to MS Exchange Server mailbox or MS Outlook account. InboxRULES for Exchange Server Modular system consists from server side engine for MS Exchange Server, actions and restrictions. We can also offer client side engine for MS Outlook Rules Wizard (please check our website.


Download (6.8 MB) | Purchase ($79.95)

RevilloC MailServer by RevilloC Solutions Ltd $0.00
RevilloC MailServer

Full featured POP3 + SMTP server with proxy

RevilloC MailServer Send and collect all the emails for your home or office network, whilst saving dial up time. The mail server now contains a web proxy server, so you can now view internet web pages from your networked machines. RevilloC MailServer The mailserver is designed to collect all your emails in one dial up connection. This will save your on-line time and telephone charges for not having each individual email client on your network collecting their own email.


Download (4.6 MB)

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