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Contact Management System Software Store

Inquiry Management System is a Sales and Marketing management software

Inquiry Management System by Enventia Limited $0.00
CleverCell Phone Manager

Inquiry Management System

Inquiry Management System Inquiry Management System is an essential tool in today's competitive market brought to you by Enventia Limited. You can classify inquiries on a number of factors like area, media, purpose of buying, income, etc. Inquiry Management System You can send personalized mails. Track daily followups, overdue followups, lost inquiries, etc. You can prevent loss of inquiries by being able to track and act according to the system. Know the performance of your Marketing dept.


Download (7.2 MB)

ActiPOINT by COMIREL $37.00
CleverCell Phone Manager

ActiPOINT- all calls and contacts at a glance

ActiPOINT ActiPOINT of COMIREL offers a comprehensive call management and contact management: Third-party-conference, managing 3 phones, call forwarding, call redirection ... . It indicate who calls. ActiPOINT A call is exactly a click far. Extension modules exists to integrate ActiPOINTs dialling options in other programs like Outlook and Lotus Notes. In interaction with ActiPOINTserver can build up a network capable sytem. ActiPOINT can cut down phone expenses.


Download (1.6 MB)

Guesthouse - Guest Management System by Tobias Buehrer $98.00
CleverCell Phone Manager

Small hotel management system

Guesthouse - Guest Management System Guesthouse - guest management system is an affordable, simple to use and install hotel management system for guesthouses, small hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. Guesthouse - Guest Management System Guesthouse was developed for the needs of small to medium accommodation management. The program has reservation, room management, billing, accounting, and statistics capabilities.


Download (1.6 MB)

Digital PhoneBook by Techra Software $20.00
Digital PhoneBook

Simple Contact Management Software

Digital PhoneBook A very simple, fast, friendly contact management phone book software with printing ability, phone dialer, backup/restore features, moving/copying contact cards. Easy email and browser integration. Digital PhoneBook Allows importing including Outlook Express and Comma/Tab delimited files. Highly customizable viewing options. PlugIn ability. Allows font size setting for accessibility. Options to add/remove icon from system tray/desktop/start menu.


Download (2.3 MB)

A Simple Contact Manager by JMJ Technologies, Inc $24.99
A Simple Contact Manager

The world's easiest to use contact manag

A Simple Contact Manager Win a FREE IPOD! Perhaps the world's simplest contact management system. A Simple Contact Manager With iPod integration, automatic contact verification, instant messenger, Outlook integration, mailing labels, mail merge and MS Word support, email, map contact information, import CSV files from other well known contact managers, advanced find features, and a complete scheduling solution makes this software the most powerful in its class.


Download (62.6 MB)

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