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Computer Kiosk Software Store

For Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Sell passwords to computer or record use

Computer Rental Controller by Leithauser Research $30.00
Computer Rental Controller

Internet Café or computer kiosk software

Computer Rental Controller Rent or sell time on your computer for Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Offers two methods:1) Generate a list of passwords you can sell. Each password allows access to the computer once for a period of time set by you. Computer Rental Controller 2) Create a list of permanent passwords. Each can be used unlimited times. When a person uses their password, it records how long they use the computer, so you can bill them.


Download (509.5 KB)

CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software by Protocall Computer Services $149.00
CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software

Public Internet Access Software for PC's

CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software CafeTimePro converts a desktop computer into a secure Internet Station or Kiosk. Complete Timing of application and/or Internet usage and terminal security included. CafeTimePro -Internet Cafe Software Now with CafeShop POS for Internet Cafes (Free!). Some of the features included are: Simple Interface, Multiple Languages, Timers, Security, Variable or fixed rates, Prepay or Cash or Acceptor ready Transaction Logging, Remote Reporting.


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