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Capi Software Store

ISDN-based voicemail and information software with touch-tone controlled menus

CapiCall by Shamrock Software GmbH $0.00

ISDN-based voicemail and information system

CapiCall ISDN-basiertes Sprachinformations-System mit Info-Menüs, Weiterverbinden, Anrufbeantworter, private Voice-Mailboxen mit Benachrichtigung per SMS oder Telefonanruf, Anrufer-Anzeige mit Namen, Least-Cost Router (LCR), Call-Through für billigere Handy-Gespräche u. CapiCall v.a.; je nach Version bis zu 2, 8 oder 30 Anrufer gleichzeitig.


Download (2.2 MB)

1st Secure Messenger by AntraSOFT $35.00
1st Secure Messenger

Email program for secure communication

1st Secure Messenger The E-mail program for communication 100% securely. The program generates security certificate (public & private 1024 bit keys) , automatically exchanging public keys and install them into Windows to make your own personal 'circle of trust' between your partners. 1st Secure Messenger The program enables users to encrypt and digitally sign their e-mails and ensuring a high level of confidentiality for your enterprise's intellectual capital and personal information.


Download (657.5 KB)

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