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State of the art digital phone secretary featuring AI to handle user voice input

AutoSecretary by Computer telephony via voice modems $150.00

State of the art electronic phone secretary

AutoSecretary Autosecretary is a software solution for handling incoming and outgoing phone calls based on AI voice processing feature. Whether you run a support line that offers different information, basing on user input or a telephone announcement broadcast service, Autosecretary is your choice! It can call your customers and give them different personalized sets of voice information. AutoSecretary Autosecretary is script driven, featuring easy to use script language.


Download (477.9 KB)

Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite by media21.de $49.00
Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite

Calling-Us - ISDN communication suite

Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite Calling-Us Personal offers the basic features for professional ISDN communication on your computer: Configure anwering machines, fax receipts, a VIP welcome and a DTMF menu navigation. Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite The program is installed in the twinkling of an eye and is because of it's intuitive Drag&Drop user guide. Please see www.media21.de/calling-us/features.html for details.


Download (18.9 MB)

SAM - Answering Machine for Skype users by KishKish $0.00
SAM - Answering Machine for Skype users

SAM is a Answering Machine for Skype users

SAM - Answering Machine for Skype users KishKish SAM is a simple voice answering machine for Skype users. When you are away from your PC and there is no one to answer your incoming Skype calls, KishKish SAM will pick up the call, play a greeting message and the "all-time classic beep", so the calling party will leave a voice recorded message. SAM - Answering Machine for Skype users Now SAM does even more! And for your business you can record all your Skype conversations for later reference.


Download (1.6 MB)

Smart Call Manager by ELTIMA Software GmbH $14.95
Smart Call Manager

Personal secretary for your smartphone

Smart Call Manager Smart Call Manager is a comprehensive tool to handle incoming/outgoing calls, log and record each conversation, set up and use Answering Machine, create and group your own text (SMS) and audio messages to automate your calling and lots more. Smart Call Manager You may specify the default action to be executed if you don’t take the phone for some time. Make your smartphone your all-in-one secretary and reply to incoming calls with only one button.


Download (73 KB)

Pamela for Skype - Basic Version by Pamela-Systems $0.00
Pamela for Skype - Basic Version

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype - Basic Version Pamela for Skype - Basic Version


Download (1.7 MB)

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