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SIF allows you to send messages to faxes, e-mail addresses, and phones

Simple Internet Fax for Palm by AdvMathAppl $14.00
Simple Internet Fax for Palm

send messages from your mobile device

Simple Internet Fax for Palm SIF allows users not only send faxes and emails but also send text messages (up to 160 symbols) on any mobile phone and voice messages on regular/mobile phones in North America (using services of external providers). Simple Internet Fax for Palm You don't need a voice recorder, type the message, it will be converted into voice message and delivered to a destination phone.


Download (69.3 KB)

Simple Internet Fax for Palm



Evolution by Darwin Productions $749.99

Manages your entire busienss flawlessly

Evolution Evolution Business Management software is all you will ever need for complete integration and automation of every area of your business (Small Medium or Large). Evolution Evolution software successfully replaces many software applications with one easy to afford and robust Global Business Management solution. Download Instructions: http://www.darwinproductions.net/download.htm.


Download (81.3 MB)

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