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Email Tarantula or Email Finder, Email List Software for Bulk Email Marketing

Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz by EmailSmartz Email List Spider Tarantula $59.95
IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System

Email Finder or Email Extractor List Software

Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz EmailSmartz Email Tarantula is an email finder or email extractor to create targeted business mailing lists for bulk email marketing. This email list software extracts e-mail addresses from websites in web directories for bulk email advertising. Email List Spider Tarantula: EmailSmartz The email spider can extract e-mail addresses to create bulk email lists and targeted consumer mailing lists. The email extractor can create targeted business email lists from web email servers.


Download (4.5 MB)

32bit Email Broadcaster by ElectraSoft $59.99
32bit Email Broadcaster

Broadcast email messages and newsletters

32bit Email Broadcaster 32bit Email Broadcaster is a very powerful marketing tool for you and your business. 32bit Email Broadcaster is a program to email your own created messages, whether for business or personal use, to a list of email addresses. 32bit Email Broadcaster This is valuable to people who must send out things such as news letters, multiple client notifications, advertising, and more. You can use 32bit Email Broadcaster to send an email to one recipient or to millions.


Download (475.5 KB)

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