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Nucleus Kernel IncrediMail - Address Book Recovery Software

Kernel IncrediMail Address Book Recovery by Nucleus Data Recovery $99.00
Kernel IncrediMail Address Book Recovery

Kernel IncrediMail Address Book Recovery

Kernel IncrediMail Address Book Recovery Kernel for IncrediMail scans, analyses and displays contact addesses from damaged .imb mailbox files in which IncrediMail stores contact addresses. Kernel IncrediMail Address Book Recovery Kernel for IncrediMail address book recovery software recovers your important contact addresses from corrupt .IMB IncrediMail Address Book File.


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Personal Address File by FedSoft $12.00
Personal Address File

Use for keeping personal address information

Personal Address File ADDRFILE is a utility which can be used for keeping personal address information. For example, you can keep people's addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. This program is similar to the old Windows CARDFILE program and it can read (. Personal Address File CRD) files created by that program. Using ADDRFILE you can also read and update phonebook entries of your mobile phone and you can dial phone numbers using any modem connected to your PC.


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Alive Address Book by Vitolab Software $19.95 - Order
Alive Address Book

A sterling electronic address book

Alive Address Book A sterling electronic address book. Each entry contains over 50 different fields providing the most comprehensive description of the contact. If any desired field is missing, information can be added to the Remarks field. Alive Address Book Export/import and data synchronization are available. The software features a handy and accessible interface ensuring quick mastery and full use of program features.


Download (2.4 MB) | Purchase ($19.95)

PeopleTracker by Sunfleck Software $12.50

Personal information management software

PeopleTracker PeopleTracker will allow you to quickly find information such as addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, or special notes on all your friends and family. You can list birthdays and anniversaries by month and keep a calendar of all your important events. PeopleTracker You can print lists of information, send emails, start letters, and display charts. PeopleTracker can open automatically when you start your PC. You may also create reminders of events.


Download (12.6 MB)

Cortege by Personal Software Limited $62.00

Visualize your Microsoft Outlook contacts

Cortege Cortege is an accessory for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express that enables you to visualise your address book; transforming it into a graphical model of your network. Cortege This model incorporates features and tools that help you evaluate, track and manage your relationships.


Download (13.7 MB)

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