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Full featured answering machine software with voice mail support

EzVoice by Internet Soft Solution $28.60

Computer Phone Answering Machine Software

EzVoice EzVoice is an answering machine program. It captures caller id, and allows you to pre-screen or block unwanted callers. Its built-in address book let you customize greetings for all your callers. EzVoice It will notify you of new calls through email. If you own a business, you can set up to 10 voice mailboxes. Additionally, you can attach text notes to your voice messages and remotely access your voicemail. Try it now to find out more.


Download (2.1 MB)

Pamela for Skype - Professional Version by Pamela-Systems $21.50
Pamela for Skype - Professional Version

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype - Professional Version Pamela is your Skype certified own personal assistant for Skype. Pamela is a plug-in or add-on software application for Skype that adds answering machine functions that make using Skype even more fun and effective. Pamela for Skype - Professional Version Supports Skype Video and Skype 2.5. The Professional Version is the ultimate tool for the professional Skype user. Have Pamela take care of all the call distrubing issues and let Pamela add cool functions to Skype.


Download (3.2 MB)

AV Voice Changer by MP3TOWAV.ORG $29.95
AV Voice Changer

Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone

AV Voice Changer AV Voice Changer


Download (6.2 MB)

AV Voice Changer Software by Avnex Ltd. $29.95 - Order
AV Voice Changer Software

Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone

AV Voice Changer Software AV Voice Changer Software


Download (6.2 MB) | Purchase ($29.95)

VueChat Customer Service by VueCam $19.00
VueChat Customer Service

Customer Service software with video and VoIP

VueChat Customer Service VueChat enables a web based Customer Service software on your website powered by video/voice chat, Instant Messaging, and useful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions. VueChat Customer Service VueChat Customer Service includes Server, Representative, Customer and VoIP (Voice over IP) components. It provides a web-based Customer Service, IM, VoIP communications and Video Conferencing between customers and company representatives.


Download (3.3 MB)

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