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Voice2Mail is a MS Outlook addin that lets you record and send voice messages

Voice2Mail by StanfordTrident, Inc. $11.95 - Order

Voice2Mail sends voice records by mail

Voice2Mail Voice2Mail is a Microsoft Outlook add-in which lets you record and send audio messages. It works with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003. Also it allows to record Your conversations through Skype and MSN or You can create musical greeting cards and add your voice to them. Voice2Mail Your audio message will be compressed to mp3 format prior to sending to reduce file size and maintain sound quality. It is a friendly interface that is easy to use.


Download (4.3 MB) | Purchase ($11.95)

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak by Blaze Audio $29.95
Blaze Audio Voice Cloak

A voice changer on voice over IP software

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Want to have fun while chatting with your friends online? Now you can change your voice and add funny sound effects with Voice Cloak voice changing software. Transform your voice while instant messaging, on voice over IP (VOIP), or Net2phone. Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Compatible with all voice chat programs including Yahoo Messenger (YM), AOL IM, MSN Messenger and ICQ. Sound like a robot, change gender, pitch, add echo, chorus, play with the EQ, or add SFX.


Download (2.1 MB)

Outlook LAN Messenger by SriMax Software Technology $7.80
Outlook LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger, Share Outlook, Remote Desktop

Outlook LAN Messenger A Concept LAN chat for interactive communication within Office network (LAN). In addition to usual rich text chat, voice chat, group chat, send file, reminder, alert notes functions, Outlook Messenger can be plugged into MS Outlook, allowing the users to share Outlook e-mails, contacts, appointments. Outlook LAN Messenger The Value added feature 'Remote Desktop Sharing' lets users access and control a remote computer. Serverless and No need for IP Configuration.


Download (3.5 MB)

Voice Emotion with call recorder by Freebird $19.00
Voice Emotion with call recorder

Share music, funny talk, record calls

Voice Emotion with call recorder vEmotion is a plugin for Instant Messengers.It enables you to: 1. Set background music for voice conversations, so as to share music among you and your friends. 2. Send voice emotions to your friends, bringing you even more exciting talking experience. Voice Emotion with call recorder 3. Record conversations into MP3 or WAV files. Data and infos are encrypted and psw protected. Enabled IMs include Skype, Msn/WLM, Gtalk, AIM/AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger.


Download (2.3 MB)

Pamela for Skype - Standard Version by Pamela-Systems $7.50
Pamela for Skype - Standard Version

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype - Standard Version Pamela is your own Skype certified personal assistant for Skype. Pamela is a plug-in or add-on software application for Skype that adds answering machine functions that make using Skype even more fun and effective. Pamela for Skype - Standard Version Includes voice mail, auto chat reply and more! The Standard Version is targetted at the casual Skype user who is looking for an answering machine and a tool that helps make calling with Skype more effective and fun.


Download (1.7 MB)

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