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Account Software Store

Account Xpress is designed to help you manage your money easily and efficiently

Account Xpress by Felitec Inc. $39.98
Account Xpress

Personal Finance Manager and Budget Planner

Account Xpress Account Xpress is a personal finance management and budget planning software loaded with features designed to help you manage your money easily and efficiently. It can track and reconcile transactions for virtually any accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, credit line, cash, etc. Account Xpress ). Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and expense categories, budget projections, and budget versus actual comparison reports.


Download (1.3 MB)

Portable Password Manager by Key Chain Technologies $10.00
Portable Password Manager

Secure your passwords on a portable drive

Portable Password Manager With Portable Password Manager you can setup a master password and multiple different passwords for you web accounts that you do not need to remember as you need to login to your accounts on the web. Portable Password Manager You have the option to use the quick launcher to rapidly access your web pages automatically or as you go to a web page you can right click over an account field and have PPT automatically fill in the account and password for you.


Download (1.5 MB)

Passcape Outlook Express Password by Passcape Software $28.00
Passcape Outlook Express Password

Recovers ALL Outlook Express passwords

Passcape Outlook Express Password POEPR is a program for recovering ALL types of Outlook Express passwords: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP, HTTPMAIL, LDAP, and Identity passwords. It's simple and user-friendly wizard interface will help you choose between two recovery modes: automatic (decrypt passwords of the current user account) and manual (decrypt passwords directly from Windows registry files). Passcape Outlook Express Password The program can also reveal asterisks (****) passwords.


Download (680.6 KB)

WinTariff by PBX Software $99.00

WinTariff - Call accounting software

WinTariff WinTariff – it’s a program to collect and process information about telephone calls. The program receives data from the office PBX about date/time of the phone call, duration, dialled number, etc. WinTariff WinTariff stores data to the hard disk of the computer and uses it later in course of the processing. Based on duration and dialled number, WinTariff calculates cost of the call and determines the direction.


Download (3.1 MB)

Email Guardian for Outlook Express by Cloudeight Internet LLC $10.00
Email Guardian for Outlook Express

Email Backup Guardian for Outlook Express

Email Guardian for Outlook Express Cloudeight Email Backup Guardian for Outlook Express backs up all your important Email Settings, Messages, Account Settings, Signatures, Message Rules and Blocked Senders. Backs up other important Windows files such as Address Book, Stationery and Dialup Settings. Email Guardian for Outlook Express Backs up important Internet Explorer browser settings, including Favorites, URL History, Cookies, and Offline Web Pages. Easily transfer email and settings from one computer to another.


Download (1 MB)

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