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Receive the buyer's credit card information from within your applications

Purchase Gateway by Gateway Software Productions $40.00
Purchase Gateway

Let your software sell itself. ActiveX

Purchase Gateway Use this ActiveX control to process credit card payments from within your applications. The control can then integrate with your existing registration method to enable or unlock demos or pay-per-use software. Purchase Gateway The control uses 128-bit encryption to secure the buyer's information. You can use your existing merchant account(s) to process the payment which will have more favorable transaction fees, or have us offer full merchant services to you.


Download (4.7 MB)

Credit Information Online Screensaver by Credit Information Online $0.00
Credit Information Online Screensaver

A free screensaver from Credit Information

Credit Information Online Screensaver Credit Information Online Screensaver


Download (787.4 KB)

Mortgage Rescision Prequal. Software by Truth in Lending Software $0.00
Mortgage Rescision Prequal. Software

Free mortgage loan rescission software

Mortgage Rescision Prequal. Software Mortgage Rescision Prequal. Software


Download (2.1 KB)

HTML Password Encryption by Source Code Protection Ltd. $39.95
HTML Password Encryption

Password protect HTML, encrypt html web pages

HTML Password Encryption HTML password protection, encrypt HTML files with 448 bit keys. Hide html source code. Image protection - protect web images. Encryption algorithm used is much stronger than the 128 bit cipher used in todays browsers and considered secure enough for online credit card payments. HTML Password Encryption Option to enter the password only once for all protected files. for more information visit http://www.htmlguardian.org.


Download (3.2 MB)

BVCommerce 2004 Credit Card Processors by NC Software, Inc. $249.95
BVCommerce 2004 Credit Card Processors

Credit Card Processors for BV Commerce 2004

BVCommerce 2004 Credit Card Processors BVCommerce 2004 Payment Plug-Ins for BVSoftware E-Commerce .NET Cart Shopping System. Works in both Dedicated and Shared SSL environments. BVCommerce 2004 Credit Card Processors Flexible licensing. Quality software for any business need! Evaluation license allows for LIVE transaction processing.


Download (4.7 MB)

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