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by Zecos Software

Editor with highlighting and other features for configuring Apache's httpd.conf



ConfEditor is an enhanced text editor with syntax highlighting and special features for convinient editing and tuning the main configuration file of Apache web server - httpd.conf.

ConfEditor can quickly control of your web server - start, stop and restart with default configuration file or with your currently edited httpd.conf file.

ConfEditor's editor has a code completion feature that displays a pop-up box that lists elements that you can select from and add to your file.

ConfEditor has a code templates feature that include commonly used statements (such as VirtualHost, Directory, IfModule) that you can insert into your file.

ConfEditor has a full description of the all the directives that can be present in httpd.conf. This gives you easy access to the help on using Apache. This feature will be especially useful for beginning web administrators. (accessiblely only in the registered version)

ConfEditor can quickly test your configuration file. (accessiblely only in the registered version)

ConfEditor has a wizard for creating the new default configuration file for Apache 1.3 or 2.0.

You can set up to 10 bookmarks in your configuration file.

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