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Voicent Agent Dialer

by Voicent Communications, Inc

Predictive auto dialer for telemarketing, marketing and sales force dialer


Voicent Agent Dialer

Voicent Agent Dialer is an automatic computer-to-phone dialer software. It assists marketing or sales people for telemarketing campaigns. It can rapidly dial a phone number by pressing a key or clicking of a mouse. Once connected, you can talk on the line, play pre-recorded audio files, and record conversations. It also allows you to transfer a call to another line. AgentDialer helps to generate leads, reduce work load and boredom, save your voice, increase productivities.

Key features include:

- Dial a phone number at the press of a key and connect to the live person on the line

- Play a pre-recorded message by clicking on the message button. Speak to the recipient or to play a pre-recorded voice message

- Transfer call to another phone number to let someone else to continue the conversation while you can move on with your call list

- Play audio message - Leave a pre-recorded voice message for answering machines

- Record phone conversations partially or entirely

- Install multiple pre-recorded messages

- Skip calls by selecting a different row

- Spreadsheet editing: add/remove row and column

- Do-not-call scrubber

- Import call list

- Export call list

- Copy-paste call list

- Type in notes for the phone call

Agent Dialer is also referred as a force dialer.

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