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by Virtualserialdriver Dpt. AlarIT LLC.

AVSD OEM gives you the bigger functionality and greater performance



AVSD OEM is a programming interface, which allows you to add support of virtual serial ports to your own application. You have full control over ports created with the help of AVSD OEM, including reading data that some other application has written using WriteFile function, writing data to be read with ReadFile function, flow control signals monitoring and controlling.

If you have the software, which works with some device connected to COM port and you want to capture all the data that goes to and from the port, then AVSD OEM is what you need! Just create one virtual port and tell the application to use it. Now you can monitor all data that application writes to the port and redirect it to the real COM port. And vice versa, you monitor all data coming from device and redirect it to the virtual port.

With AVSD OEM you can:

-Create your_protocol-to-serial abstraction.

-Create virtual platform and emulator plugins.

-Create usb2serial bluetooth2serial IrDa2serial adapters

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