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by SwampFox Software Ltd

Live chat turns web visitors into buyers before they click to a competitor site




"According to surveys, 25-75% of shopping cart abandonment is due to websites lacking real-time customer service to answer questions or resolve problems." (ZDNet 2002)

LiveServiceDesk empowers small web businesses with the ability to turn browsers into lifetime customers by instantly answering questions before visitors click to a competitor's site!

Using an ordinary web browser, visitors can launch a chat session with the click of a button in any web page or html email offering live service. No software to download or plug-ins to install.

Here's how LiveServiceDesk will help you grow your online business:

1 - Close significantly more sales by instantly answering visitors' questions and showing them the products and services that meet their needs.

2 - Increase the profit of your sales by up-selling and cross-selling additional products that the visitor may not have thought of or initially seen on your website.

3 - Make potential clients feel comfortable taking the next step by instantly building trust and rapport through answering and asking questions.

4 - Learn what your visitors are looking for so you can make changes to meet their demands.

Some key features in:

- Chat with multiple visitors from as many websites as you own through one application window.

- Push the exact page, link, or picture that helps visitors make on the spot purchase, hiring or sign-up decisions.

- Save time sending preset messages for common questions and special offers.

- Transfer chats to a coworker if you are unable to help a visitor.

- Allow visitors to 'leave a message' when you are unavailable or logged out of LiveServiceDesk.

- Search chat transcripts for trends that can lead you to profitable changes in your products, services and website.

- Automated setup and visitor window customisation, without HTML or programming knowledge, gets visitors chatting with you live in minutes.

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