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SF Password Generator Pro

by SoftFuse Development

Generate secure difficult-to-crack passwords for your PC, LAN and staff accounts



SF Password Generator Pro is a professional program designed for generating strong passwords easily and quickly. Using SF Password Generator Pro, you can easily create extremely strong, complex passwords up to 255-character length and lists including up to 9999 passwords. Then export them to Plain-text, Excel or Database.

SF Password Generator Pro is a program that can be used by system administrators, security accounts managers and advanced users who care about their informational security both on the Internet and at work and by those who often create and use passwords.

Powerful, but very fast, small and simple-to-use software!

Protect you important documents more securely than usually!

SF Password Generator Pro is highly customizable and has useful features: using prefixes and postfixes, generating passwords by masks, copying the last password to the clipboard automatically, generating and saving password lists to files, etc.

The purchasing process is quick, easy and secure.

Rest assured that your correspondence, documents and other important information is protected even more securely than usually!

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