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iChronos organizer

by SmartProjects

iChronos organizer is the first 2D graphical personal information manager (PIM


iChronos organizer

iChronos organizer is the first 2-dimensional graphical personal information manager (PIM) that stores your tasks, events and contacts not just in lists, but also on the desktop, which provides much better visualization compared to other organizers.

iChronos is the first organizer that fully utilizes the graphics accelerator and multimedia features of your computer.

Main features of iChronos:

- Stores contacts, notes, files on a 2D desktop,

- Tree listings,

- User-friendly interface that uses graphic accelerator,

- Popup reminders about tasks and meetings,

- Reminders about birthdays and holidays,

- Minimizes to system tray,

- Allows creation of cyclical events,

- Allows creation of contacts, tasks and reminders right from the system tray,

- Sound reminders,

- Protects data with a password,

- Quick search in contacts and notes,

- Offers a rich choice of icons for contacts and documents,

- Planner,

- Groups documents and tasks into categories.

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