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SesamTV Media Center

by SesamTV

TV Media Center to enjoy all your PC medias on the TV set


SesamTV Media Center

SesamTV Media Center is an all-in-one multimedia software designed to be viewed on a TV set (TV friendly interface, bold display, big buttons ...). It can be totally controlled with any PC remote control (needs only 5 buttons). SesamTV Media Center gives you the opportunity to transform your TV set into a genuine multimedia center for your videos (DivX, DV, MPEG ...), your DVD, your music (MP3, Compact Disk), your pictures and the Internet (Video On Demand, radios). You can also watch, record and pause live TV if you have a TV tuner Card.

SesamTV Media Center major features :

- TV friendly interface

- Designed to be controlled with any PC remote control

- Live TV display, recording and pausing

- Audio file player (mp3)

- Compact Disc Player

- Video file player

- DVD player

- Digital Photo player

- Internet radio access

- Internet video access (Sesam.tv Channels)

- Playlist

Sesam.tv offers also two hardware packages :

- The Remote Control package contains a PC remote control and the SesamTV Media Center software.

- The SesamBox package contains a PC to TV wireless transmitter, a remote control and the SesamTV Media Center software.


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