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SMSCOuntry XLbox

by SMSCountry Networks Pvt Ltd

using Microsoft Excel send SMS text messages to mobiles across the wo


SMSCOuntry XLbox

SMS-XLbox can be used to send Bulk SMS Text messages from Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet to mobile phones across the world from a PC. SMS text messages can be delivered to over 489 networks in 182 countries worldwide. Delivery reports can be received instantly into the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. There are a lot of business application with this software, for instance users can customise messages to each customer by mentioning the name of each recipient with his amount due and payment due date. This is an ideal tool when businesses have thousands of customers, and can do this by selecting the relevant columns in your Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet like customer's name and mobile numbers, amount due and payment due date. users just have to download this plugin into their Microsoft® Excel® application and users can send bulk SMS to all the numbers that are in the Microsoft® Excel® file.

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